Conference Knowledge and Innovation Programme Marker Wadden

Knowledge and Innovation Programme
Marker Wadden (KIMA)
12-14 October, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Marker Wadden is an archipelago of nature islands in the
centre of the Netherlands, created with excess sediment from
the bottom of the lake. A good example of Building with Nature.
The islands have been extensively researched over the
past 5 years, on the themes building with fine sediments,
ecosystem development and governance.

Preliminary programme

On the first day we share the results of KIMA and possible application in other areas. On day 2 we invite you to discuss ecological restoration and Building with Nature in other shallow lakes, related to climate adaptation and biodiversity. On day 3, we visit Marker Wadden.

Join us

We welcome professionals from governments,
nature organisations, companies and knowledge
institutions involved in ecological restoration
and management of shallow lakes.

Programme details will be available soon.

Yes, I am interested. Keep me informed!

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