Valuable Ecosystem

How do you create an ecosystem that is as diverse as possible and attractive to birds?

The most important preconditions are adequate food supplies and enough places to breed. The smart design of Marker Wadden, and particularly the shore zones, is expected to increase food supplies for birds that eat fish, benthic animals or plants. There will be an abundance of breeding locations on the various islands.

As part of this theme, the researchers are looked at the following areas:

  1. What contribution do the various surface water/wetland habitats make on and in Marker Wadden to food supplies (quality and quantity) for birds, and how can this contribution be enhanced, on what scale, and using which materials and which approach to nature and water management?
  2. What do a possible increase and the possible improvement of these food supplies imply for bird numbers and the diversity of bird species?

Contacts (theme leaders)

Ruurd Noordhuis (Deltares) and Jeroen Veraart (Wageningen Environmental Research)