Adaptive Governance

Marker Wadden is an iconic project that is known nationally and internationally for creating a valuable ecosystem and technological innovations for building with mud.

This not only requires technical knowledge about building with mud and ecosystems; an understanding of decision-making, financial structures, forms of cooperation and legal aspects are at least as important.

Because of the specific situation (public/private principals and financing), the first Marker Wadden phase has already generated numerous innovations in the field of governance, including working outside existing frameworks and innovative commissioning structures (from Natuurmonumenten (the Dutch Society for the Preservation of Nature) and Rijkswaterstaat).

Research topics

  • Innovative tendering processes and financing, with Marker Wadden as a case study
  • Implementation of an adaptive governance approach for the management of Marker Wadden
  • Development of a Marker Wadden serious game with a discussion of the topics listed here.


Deltares: Stéphanie IJff, Lieke Hüsken, Monica Altamirano, Gerald-Jan Ellen

Wageningen University: Jeroen Veraart, Mariëlle van Riel

University of Twente: Camilo Benitez

Contact person (theme leader)

Stephanie IJff (Deltares)